Digital Media Labs

Kroeber’s labs include a dedicated photography lab with 21 iMacs, outfitted with the latest suite of Adobe Creative Cloud, professionally color calibrated, connected to high-end printers capable of printing up to 44″ wide. The photo lab also features a Microsoft Surface Pro 27″ tablet for digital painting, and a color accurate viewing booth for viewing finished prints.

A second computer lab features 10 high-end Mac Pros, & 10 mid-range iMac’s, all installed with a robust range of digital content creation apps for video, audio, animation, 3D, or virtual reality. Software includes Final Cut X, Adobe, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, AutoDesk, Maya, 3DS Max, Motion Builder, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, and a complete range of supporting software to assist you with your work. The computer lab is supported by a server using a 10Gig broadband network backbone, and is connected to a 12 terabyte RAID.

The third lab in Kroeber Hall is a production room, which features a state of the art green screen with lighting grid for film production, and has an audio booth for foley & voice over work. This classroom also has a high-end projector and computer for presentations and lectures.

Kroeber Hall also has a complete set of production equipment for High Definition & 4K video, as well as for producing VR & 3D 360 work. The production cage has well over two dozen HD camera kits, half a dozen 4k kits, 2+ VR kits, 1 360 kit, plus a full assortment of supporting gear for producing high quality audio, and for presenting visual work.

Students enrolled in a DML production class may be from one of three departments: Art Practice, Film and Media, or Theater Dance and Performance Studies. These three departments make up the consortium of the shared DML resources. In addition to facilities at Kroeber, the Digital Media Lab also provides access to facilities located within the department of Film and Media at Dwinelle Hall. This includes similar production equipment, but with an emphasis on specialized narrative and documentary accessories. Dwinelle Hall also features a lab of 15 computer stations running Mac OS.