Drawing/Painting Studios

UC Berkeley offers figure drawing, 2-D composition, color theory, and all levels of painting and drawing courses. Berkeley has long been famous for its painting faculty, from luminaries such as Hans Hoffman, Mark Rothko, and Squeak Carnwath to its contemporary faculty including Katherine Sherwood and visitors such as Monica Majoli and Leo Bersamina. Drawing is considered a basic skill for all artists and is required of all majors and minors.

Painting and drawing courses take place in Kroeber Hall in four large, double-story rooms with floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows facing north. The studios are equipped with large sturdy easels, flammable storage cabinets, solvent recycling, and washout sinks. The drawing studio is dedicated to dry media. We have ample storage for works-in-progress as well as plentiful hallway wall space for students to share and critique work with their peers.