Facility Supervisors and Mechanicians

Studio access is obtained through permissions granted by the supervising faculty and the studio’s mechanician. During normal classroom hours, the studios are to be used only by enrolled students. Please see the mechanician for specific details concerning each studio’s usage.

Ceramics Studio 171 Wurster 642-3673
Flexible Project Lab 178 Wurster
Professor Stephanie Syjuco
Ehren Tool tool@berkeley.edu

Printmaking Studio 255 Kroeber 643-5132
Continuing Lecturer Randy Hussong
Tamar Beja tamar@berkeley.edu

Sculpture Studio 185 Kroeber 643-0200
Professor Brody Reiman
Teresa Smith idiolect@berkeley.edu

Digital Media Lab (Video and Animation Studios) 285 & 295 Kroeber
Professor Greg Niemeyer
Professor Anne Walsh
Dillon Thomas dillont@berkeley.edu
275A Kroeber 643-2297

Digital Media Lab (Photography Studio) 275 Kroeber
Professor Allan deSouza
Dillon Thomas dillont@berkeley.edu
275A Kroeber 643-2297