Printmaking Studio

The printmaking program at UC Berkeley has an illustrious history. Originally designed by Karl Kasten, the studios have developed over the years from the remarkable teachings of George Miyasaki, Shane Weare, Sylvia Lark, Don Farnsworth, Barbara Foster and Randy Hussong.

Located on the second floor of Kroeber Hall, the two printmaking studios include equipment for stone and plate lithography, intaglio, screen printing, relief, monotype, and digital and photo processes. The lithography studio has three presses, a large graining sink, and a wide variety of lithographic stones.  The intaglio studio is equipped with three etching presses including a large American-French press , two hot plates, an aquatint box, a ventilated cleaning hood, and a separate acid room equipped to etch large plates.  Three screen printing stations are available for water-based printing, along with a spray booth and a separate area for coating and storing light-sensitive screens.  The printmaking program has its own digital facilities and a large NUARC flip-top exposure unit for photographic lithography, intaglio, and screen printing processes.

Students explore both traditional and experimental printmaking techniques, with an emphasis on the development of ideas and concepts.  The print studios provide a working environment for students to learn collaboratively, develop their creative process through direct assistance and engage in critical discussion.