Indira Martina Morre, Continuing Lecturer

IMG_6144_2-1Indira Martina Morre is a practicing artist, educator, and curator interested in contributing to the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art. As a continual psychological investigation of the contemporary human condition, Morreā€™s recent paintings examine the modification of our cognition and experience of the world in the engulfing presence of technology. She received her BA, with a double major in Art History and Art Practice, and her MFA from UC Berkeley. She is currently teaching painting and drawing classes at UC Berkeley Art Department. Morre is the recipient of numerous awards including The Harry Ford Lord Award and The Eisner Prize in Art. Her work was recently exhibited at Croatian Association of Artists in Zagreb, Green Chalk Contemporary in Monterey, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley Art Center, MarinMOCA, SFMOMA Artist Gallery, and Cain Schulte Contemporary Art Gallery in San Francisco. As an extention to her practice, Morre co-directs the artist gallery Martina }{ Johnston since 2009. Find out more about Indira’s work at