Wiesenfeld Visiting Artist Lecture Series and Sussman Memorial Painting Lecture

The UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice Wiesenfeld Visiting Artist Lecture Series, and the Sussman Memorial Painting Lecture is an opportunity for students and members of the community to learn about the work of practicing contemporary artists from the local, national, and international arts community.

Art Practice aims to bring in a diverse group of artists who represent a wide range of media, conceptual approaches, and social practices. Artists are encouraged to discuss the development of their work, their relationship to art history, the issues that motivate them, and the ideas that inform their artistic research. As our audience consists primarily of artists and art students working in the studio, we encourage our speakers to share work that is just now coming into being, the open-ended questions that complicate their art practice, and the techniques they use to create their work.

In addition to presenting a public lecture, artists do critical studio visits with our MFA students.

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